lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

FIJI islands, Bula!!

Fiji islands, where paradise happens,,,

 What's going on over there??
 Kids are playing with fridge foam protecting boxes.

3 little birds . . .

Near Castaway island.

With Bosco (in the middle) and a Bulgarian friend, enjoying the Fijian nights.

Christmas dinner offered by Mana Lagoon resort, a homely friendly little corner in paradise island.

Lovely mum and daughter (forgive us for not remembering their names... ups!)

jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Last weeks in New Zealand´s Souther Island. Nelson, Franz Joseph, Queenstown and Christchurch (Lyttletown)

A Church? Well, almost... it used to be one, however they have re-build it into a pub! Crazy people down in Nelson...
 Mona Lisa in the Maori style... Kiwi Lisa.
 Pancake rocks on the way to Franz Joseph. A natural formation of the rocks caused by the sea... nature and its beautiful expressions.
 One of the many views of the South Island... in this particular area of New Zealand there used to be gold mines. Nowadays only few people remain living there giving the place a sense of peace and tranquility like no other!.
 Torch in front of the mountains where the Franz Joseph glaciers are.
View form the distance of the Glacier. In the past, the glacier used to cover the front lake in this picture.
Ice falling between the mountains = Glacier :)

Eduardo playing football with our Couch surfers from the glaciers.. the crazy New Zealanders...
A 21st birthday drink, 3 littlers of beer to be drunk in 10 minutes, and after give a birthday speech without falling... I leave it to you to imagine the continuation of this image...
A collection of beer lids, where questions about sports or orther subjects are written .Games such as guess the question or finish your drink at once are commonly seen in New Zealands parties...

 Need a hand?

View from the top of the river where we jumped....

 Our Queenstown Couch surfer and friends. Ana, the pink lady and some French friends of her, after our ungy jump, we needed a good relaxing time!