miércoles, 29 de diciembre de 2010

From North Island to South Island...

Fountain which pumps drinkable water from the ground, a great way of been Green and get free water.
 View from the top. Here is one side of Wellington city, the small and cozy capital of New Zealand.

 Preparing luch with the girls who hosted us in their lovely house in Welly.
The beach, situated just at the center of town!. What a wonderful city to live in!... (Though this beach is man made, as the white sand was specificaly brought here)
 Plane crash , no! actually the airport is located just behind this mountain... but still is quite impressive to see the planes getting so very close to the houses...
~Zeen~sellers, alana and Edu! This Wellington`s creation is a fantastic idea. Basically you can create your own Zeen just by getting together some ideas (from poems, to personal viws on a topic, to anything you want to share with the public!). Once you have them togheter (thoughts, pictures, drawings...), make as many copies as you want, and volia!, you can sell them, give them, exchange them or whatever you feel likedoing with them!. A very creative way of sharing thoughts and feelings without the need of a publisher...

Bye bye Wellington, here in the Ferry, crossing to the South Island, on our way to Nelson.

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