martes, 22 de febrero de 2011

Christmas in London, then in Brazil meeting our families between the oceans ...

 Voila brother!, merry Christmas!!

Karolina, it is always a great pleasure to have you around :)
Dad's Fijian shirt (according to him, his favourite 2010 Christmas present! :P )
And the best and most worthy present for the most worthy person!, National Geographic will have nothing to envy once mum get hands on with her new camera!
New shirt, new cup, and a big smile to reflect his spirits :)
Mu puffy and lavender smelly giraffe!, I love going back to the child on me with cuddly toys :)

Why the fire? Well, as good gaúchos, Christmas as many other celebrations are always accompanied by a big, good churrasco ... hmmmm not for veggies!
Vȏ Erni, cooking the meat as the best churrasqueiro in the whole world! Look how focused he is!!
The 'espetos' where the meat is placed and turned over constantly.(by the master Erni)
The Abends dressed in fijian style! Happy Christmas!!
Mr. Erni, with his mosquito killer racket! Something that was annoying, now became fun!
Vó Malu, always taking care of even the smallest details, such a sweet heart :) She has the gift of making the best potato salad ever!!

Life's boat...
View of the Lagoa, one of the natural lakes in the island of Florianopolis.

  With dad Jalal and Rita eating in a very traditional restaurant south of Floripa - Pântano do Sul, after this particular meal we could not eat till the next day... wonderful food!
Turtles migrate to Florianopolis and all the Brazilian coasts.
Eduardo feeding a turtle! :P
The ninja turtles!, Mr Eduardo and Mr Jalal!

♪♫♪♫   ♪♫♪♫

Dog's life!
Yes! We managed to fit this big church from the beautiful town of Gramado... by a few inches!

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