jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

Waiting for the plane from Khatmandu via New Dehli to Bangkok. As we were travelling Menuka's dad decided to put some Tikka blessings in our foreheads for protection and good luck. This Tikka had also some rice grains included!!.

Ok! As requested... here is the first glimpse of Eddie's rastas!
And here is the final result :) And the hair band has been done by us with loads of patience and hours of waiting (remember the wool we bought and my netting skills??) So! Eddie has become a Rastafarian man ;)
Welcome Bangkok! Now, we have to admit that coming form India and Nepal, we were very pleased with the high standards of this great city. We found a cheap bungalow near Khao San road (the backpackers destination) and we enjoyed the good vibes of the city with the beautiful street shops and the delicious street food.
Having a beer in a chill out bar parallel to Khao San.
Leo brother! We've found your beer :) Chok Dee or Cheers to you!
Ok, this is a very FREAK picture!!. Who do you think is cooking in this picture??  Well, if you though it was Ali, then I'm afraid you've got it wrong!!. We found this picture in a leaflet and I can only thing I have found my twin sister... Mum!! explain!!
Here we are after a night of Thai 'bucket drinking'. Imagine a little bucket for children when they go to the beach to build sand castles, well, then you fill it up with whisky/or vodka and a mixer and the rest.. up to you!!! So, after the binging night we got up at 7 am and went to the floating market. Here we are in the little canoe :)
 View from inside the boat. You are then driven around and you can stop at any point and bargain for some goods.
Artist's impression of the floating market.
Trying to avoid the sun! Here is the ground market, because of course the floating market has become a very touristic thing to do. So, you are driven with a group and show around, but the main aspect is of course spending some Thai Baths wherever you are...
 The elephant park. This was a very creative show in which they explained the history of Thai elephants, how they were first used to hunt, and then to fight other countries, such as the wars with their Burmese neighbours. After the history lesson, elephants did a small football demonstration, and here is their own version of Torres!

Eddie getting close to a very big one!
A very little Dumbo!. This tiny baby was such a lovely elephant!. We bought some sugar cane and were able to feed him and his mum. Great experience :)
Here are the scary crocodiles... As well as the crocodile show, they kept many different species and ages of crocodiles in captivity.
Crazy stuff... This picture is quite amazing, but believe us, seen it in reality is not so nice... The crocodile was actually quite upset and grumpy, and still the guy had to do the show for the tourists...
But of course, when Eduardo caught the beast, was a child's play! My G-MAN!
 Feeling the artistic blow in this hand made bench... I can tell my Yoga classes helped with this posse :)

Ayuttayah. This little town north from Bangkok is a beautiful place with lots of religious influences. It had many important temples build up for Buddhists but many of the remains were destroyed when the Burmese came to Thailand. Here is a very famous Buddha head carved on the tree. 

2 comentarios:

  1. La imagen del árbol es la propia raiz o algo que han metido dentro????es super chulo...
    Vaya un pedazo de viaje que estias haciendo chicos...muchas suerte!!!
    Por cierto Edu que chulas las rastas....te quedan geniales!!!

  2. Gostei da LEO beer!! Tragam umas caixas daí!! E esta irmã misteriosa da Ali hein? ë melhor não encontrar ela porque há a possibilidade de o mundo implodir se as duas estiverem no mesmo lugar.
    Finalmente, finalmente fizestes uns dreads, tchê!!
    Um grande abraço, meu casal predileto, Leo


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