martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

The White temple on our way to the border between Thailand and Laos. This particular temple was covered in small mirrors and it had beautiful rounded shapes. The hands by the entrance represent the evil spirits trying to reach inside the temple. We cannot describe the beauty of this building... It even had a small pond by the entrance full of shiny white goldfishes! 

Closer shot of the hands and evil faces, there were also falic forms coming out of the evils as well as deformed feet etc...

Inside the slow boat from Thailand Chang Khon border to Luang Prabang in Lao(s). This boat takes 2 days en rout through the beautiful Mekong River (or 3 depending on the weather). On our first day we were overbooked (nothing very unusual here) so we had to sit for about 8 hours in a broken wooden bench while getting soaked by the heavy rain :) Thankfully we stopped for the night in a beautiful town in the mountains a very remote place (yes! without even Internet!) The next morning after a great sleep and a deliciously strong Lao coffee (with condensate milk, yummy!!) we got in a new boat and this picture was taken, as you can see the mood was much nicer!. After another 10 hours we finally arrived to the stunning town of Luang Pra Bang.

Lao's money (KIP)  One of the amazing things that we are finding in this trip is the different currencies and their values. In Lao for example, they go by thousands, which means you suddenly find yourself talking about buying a beer for  10.000 Kip. It gets even better when you get to Vietnam and you need the cash point. Here the value of the money is double than in Laos, so you are looking at getting Millions of Dongs at a time!!. (2 million Dong is about 65 British Pounds!!) 

Man at work cleaning rice and monk in a boat by the Melong river in Luang Pra Bang and

Ready for some Kayaking in the Nagh Tran river!
The Amazing cascade, first stop with the kayak. In one simple word... Beautifulllllllllllllllll :)
Eddie's Kayaking skills, we had a double Kayak and we proved our great team skills! ou yeah!!
Happy biker in Luang Pra Bang, as you can see we actually exercised a bit, is not all about eating!

Believe it or not, the background on this picture is actually real!. We found this paradisiac hotel in our disastrous search for a cascade (which by the way we never found) and we had to cycle for about 3 hours uphill through a rocky terrain with the 'lady bikes...' This particular hotel was like heaven on earth...  
Lao houses are basic, made of bamboo and palm leaves, however almost every house has a satellite disc attached to it!. Here are some of the great children :)

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