lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

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Viang Xai, a border town between Central Laos and north Vietnam. We had the pleasure of staying overnight in this peaceful city where er learnt about the atrocities caused by the bombings from the Vietnam war. We visited some the caves where people had to hide in order to survive the daily bombings. There are still so many unexploded bombs that it is not allowed to follow unwalked paths  unless you want to rick your life with a mine or bomb. We were told how everyday one person dies in Laos due to an unexploded bomb, and how also animals such as cows, eat the bombs and they explode inside them... auwful. One of the saddest things was to hear in 2008, the UN proposed to sign an antimine programme with the main bomb producer countries and guess who did not want to sign?? USA, the same country who bombarded them on the first place...

  View of a cave. The caves were either naturally formed or digged by the people. As the bombings lasted over 9 years, many caves were built for different purposes such as a hospital, a school and even a 'party cave' to celebrate weddings and other important events.

Entrance of a cave. Another courious fact was how Lao people learnt survival techniques. When they captured american pilots they interrogate them to learn about their fighting strategies. They learnt how white animals such as chickens or ducks where easily visible from the air, and were an easy target for bombings. Therefore all white animals had to be killed....

 View from the lake. As you can see, even with the atrocities that happened here, not too long ago, the natural beauty of ViangXai and its people makes the trip very worthy!

 Ok? Little boy eating sticky rice (so sticky you can even make shapes with it!)
 Colacao?? No!!! Beer Lao!
Sleeping ducklings :)

Bye Bye beautiful LAO!, we hicked a truck and went to the Vietnamese boarder enjoying the last beautiful backgrounds of a small country with a big heart.

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