lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Cambodian lifestyle

In Phnom Penh city, another glorious offer to the Gods to keep them happy and safeguarding. Look closer to the money and the delicious food... quite a feast!

As if from an Asterix and Obelix film, they even offered this huge pork.

The Genocide Museum TUOL SLENG. Here is the sample of the rules imposed to those detainees from the Khmer Rouge regime. It is an awful spooky place which still preserves such a heavy unresolved history. This building was originally a secondary school in Phnom Penh, but in 1977, the government lead by Pol Pot, converted it into a building for torturing and killing those meant to oppose this Cambodian new communist government. Such were the atrocities that even people was killed just because they wore glasses and they were seen as too intelligent and therefore a possible enemy for their own country.  Only illiterate people was regarded as 'good' people and everybody else (teachers, doctors, engineers etc) were obliged to labour in the concentration camps. As part of the communist regime, everybody in the country had to wear a black shirt with pants, and the same hair cut. It is important to learn from the past not to have the same mistakes happening again.

 Back from the chills of history, here we reached the city of Sihanouk Ville, south west of Cambodia. (Eddies feet before... well keep looking to find out what happens next!)
Stressful times... very much indeed... :)
 These two! they keep following us everywhere we go! ...

        A room with a view ... Here is the terrace from our amazing bungalow, with hammocks and cocktails included.

 Voila!! Here is Eddie enjoying fully a personalized pedicure. Now this is a very common sight in Cambodian beaches, as there are many ladies offering you all kinds of beauty treatments. Up to there is fine, but when they start inspecting every inch of your legs, underarms looking for unwanted hair to be waxed, it can get a bit annoying... a bit?? A LOT!!

Posing in Victoria beach, white sand beaches, cristal clear waters, seafood, shakes... I think we could do with this life for much, much longer...

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