lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

O amor é lindo!

Ok, we'll do a poster when we get back with this one!
 From Ko Lanta with love :) with our fishing boat awaiting.
 Lizard on the beach.

Freedom bar by night... one of our favourite venues, with Mr. Marley's rhythms and the sea waves melting together... highly recommended! And, of course, a very original tip's box!

 Some of the island's naughty corners, where freedom is not only a name but a way of life :)
Rasta man vibration, yeah! positive!
 Eddie learning to play with the wood stick and the breathtaking sunset on the beach, the pinkest sunset ever seen.
Shake it baby, shake it!!
Our Thai fellows with whom we had many laughs and learnt about the art of the wood stick (the guy with the mushroom is a professional!!)
I give you 10 points for the brand.
From Ko Lanta to Trang, sleeping in the border, and the next morning, crossed to  Kotah Baru, north east of Malaysia.
 My dear Ali, carrying her 'little' bag around town.
Taman Negara was declared for conservation in 1938 and has become Malaysia's premier national park and the largest in the country covering over 4343 square kilometres of primary forest. Taman Negara is said to be the world's oldest rain forest.
The 45 meters high and 510 meters long walkway is the longest canopy walk in the world. The forest canopy allows you to view the rich and diverse flora and fauna at the very summit of the forest. 

Even suffering from vertigo, Ali managed to go through it... such a brave girl!!! :p

I'm glad you can't see the amount of sweat after three long hours of trekking in a very steep hill.
 Ali: "we've finally made it!!".
 The beautiful reward after the long walk.
 Good morning, sunshine! Isn't she gorgeous?
 Some of our little friends along the walk. In many sizes, shapes, colours and poisons!
A very well deserved cookie brake by the "swimming pool"

This mark shows the water level in 1971. This picture by itself wouldn't be of much help, so if you see the right picture, the photographer is at this level which means that Ali would be entirely inside the water

 The snake charmer is playing with an unexpected guest! We were just hoping the owner was telling the truth about its poison.

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