jueves, 11 de noviembre de 2010

Saye Buleeee!!!! (means I can, well not many things allowed in Malaysia actually!!)

 Kuala Lumpur, a city of modernity, in which different cultures and religions merge everyday in what seems to be a balanced harmony. Malays, Indians and Chinese, Muslims, Christians and Buddhists alike.
 Dedicated especially to you Rama Kane :)

 The reflexology path. Just remove your shoes and walk through the different stones to cure your body of any illness. (Though the tiny stones cause more pain than gain!!)
 These are the ones that hurtttttt!!!! auchhh!!!!
 Many things are prohibited in here, but have a close look, even been 'in love' or look closely to your partner is banned in here!!
 I got asked to model in the park by this bunch of Malay photographers... feeling like a celebrity!!
 Batik painting, one of Edu's favourite pass times! This kind of painting consists in using warm wax to create  the shapes of what you want to paint and then apply fabric dye to colour in. Very relaxing!
 At the end I got involved in the art making too :)
What a small world!!! Here we are with Nazareth  and Fazia. Nazareth is an old friend from London/Spain who is travelling with Sam for a year in a round the world experience too, and luckily we got to spend so,days together(she's sitting in the middle). and Fazia  is a couch surfer that we met in Chiang Mai in Thailand and by pure coincidence was in the same place at the same time, so she joined us for a couple of days while visiting KL :)
 Fazia, Ali, Sam and Nazareth (and Eduardo taking the picture of course!)on the way to the Batu caves(or better the dodgy monkey infested caves...)
 The biggest religious statue ( or something like it, as people in Asia tend to apparently have the biggest or tallest, or highest everything...)
We got told off in this one...
 The Petronas towers ( with the highest sky bridge) and currently the highest twin towers still standing;

 If you want to go up to the sky bridge; wake up at 6a.m. and prepare yourself to queue for at least 2 or 3 hours and pay some Malaysian ringgits. At least we were in good company and the waiting was not too bad!
After 3 hours queue and another 3 of waiting we got to stand in the highest sky bridge :) 

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