jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

Llegaron la TORTILLA y los templos budistas para dormir

Chinese Buddhist Temple in Sarnath.
This was the first temple where we were able to stay for the night for 100 rupees (about 1.40pounds). 
How did we ended up here?? Well it seems that the internationaly famous Lonely planet guide (aka The travellers Bible) is so widely used that all the suggested budget hotels are now Luxurious or super Expensive ones (even if the rooms are no more than a rough dusty bed and a broken window with views to a grey old wall...) For that reason we had to search for a realistic budget option and thanks to our tuk tuk driver we were driven to this lovely peaceful temple where we were allowed to stay with the condition of been back by 8 :)   

Amorzito's  buddhist inspiration at Sarnath's Black  Marble Buddha. The place was still in construction. There was, though, OF COURSE, someone there to collect generous donations from us, gracious tourists :) 
       Tanzin 'Our beloved Tortilla Monk :)' This photo was taken in Kushinagar, the town where Buddha died and therefore a very important stop for Buddist pilgrims. We were lucky enough to go through the same experience of Sarnath in terms of accomodation, though, this time we were asked to pay for only a voluntary donation.  On top of that, we were treated as "V.I.P.guests" and were allowed to use the kitchen!! So, in order to show our appreciation we decided to treat Tanzin with a lovely Tortilla de Patatas :) (see picture) You might be wondering what is he doing with that light in his head?? well, like the chapatis, power cuts are a daily companion in India, and well, although Tanzin is Tibetan, he's been living in India for a long long time and he's got all the tools to fight Power Cuts!!
                                                                                Alicia was cooking a TORTILLA de PATATAS!!!!!                                                                                                                     

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