lunes, 23 de agosto de 2010

El viaje continúa...

Kushinagar, statue of Buddha on the city where he died.


You might need to look closer into this one, the two men are IRONING clothes with the 18th century charcoal fuelled irons... we founf it quite amusing :)

Here is one of the workers at the Buddist temple. 
This kind man is cutting the grass with a sharpless blade, kneeling down in a 40 degrees, humid and very sunny day... anyone up for some gardening??

Thinking of transporting some goods? Not only you will have to squeeze between the wood, but you will have to cope with loong journeys and massive potwholes in the road.... COOL!!

Getting some fish for dinner tonight ... though it's monzoon time and as it happend in Forrest Gump, it rained downside up! This photo was taken in the Holy lake of Pushkar.

Making new friends :)

We met these young couple, just married! (19 and 21 yearsd of age, just legally accepted) in the train from Patna to Darjeeling. Again with a delay of about 8 hours, we got to meet a gentelman who asked us about... well, about the most personal and intimate qustions possible. It seems as a costume for Indian people (though not generalizing...) to ask about your salary, how much you spend on food, rent, clothes, going out... how big is your family and their jobs, how much are you spending per day on this particular trip, why my skin (Ali) has freakles?? And to end up he read our palms... and yes, we will have 3 children and I'm blessed with a double luck line apparently!... The guy on the picture was our personal translator bless him! :)
SIKKIM, Gantok

And finally!! we arrived to the beautiful mountains of Sikkim. This picture was taken on the main road, and you can see the Tibetan praying flags, which are placed on diffcult roads or specific spots to call for good spirits. We loved the fact that the weather was fresher, and we got very surprised about the modernization of the city!
Meditating in the Banjhakri Falls, an energy Park in Gantok.
The waterfall OHHHH!!!

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