sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

La vida en la India

View of Udaipur's lake. This lake is only filled with water when the Monsoon arrives, so we were reminded of how lucky we were for been able to see its full power! You can see whole families bathing in it, even while rain is pouring down, as well as little boys fishing, cows, dogs and every other living creature :) Indian style!

Monkeys, always present in the background awaiting to be fed :)
It's funny seen the little ones learning how to climb though walls and cables, and falling from great distances :) Holy monkeys! 

Lady preparing flowers to be 'offered' to the Holy lake in Pushkar. The city of Pushkar, hidden between mountains, is a pretty little place to be visited too.
It is famous for its lake (again) but also for the cheap clothes, the camel festivals and its 'smokables'. It seems Pushkar  is a very  famous destination between Spaniards (refering back to smokables) and there are MANY 'tour guides', vendors, you name them ...' who can speak quite decent Spanish!. It is also famous for the roof top cafes where you can admire the whole city, the stars and the Holy lake, specially beautiful during the night.   

Eduardito with his new Indian look, Gorgeous!
Here is the view from a roof top where we had a lovely coffe instead of our Chae, Chae!!
Ok, just so you know, Chae is the name of the Indian Tea: Very sweet milky tea you can obtain ANYWHERE for a merely 5 ruppes (about 7 pennies). It is particulary know in train journeys where sellers SHOUt out loud Chae Chae at any time. Sometimes can be an excellent alarm clock!. sometimes you want to ... well you might as well figure it out ... :)

The most expected picture :)
Not coments needed about 'the mausoleum of Love'

This is the famous CHAE, the clay cup on the left which is only used once and then you smash it adding up more dirt to the already filthy rails... In fact, if you don't follow this tradition it can upset the fellow Indians around you... So! any rubish through the window please!
(Yes, it couldn't be me, if I didn't add some CHOCOLATE biscuits to the Chae..Sweet waffles!)

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