martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

Welcome to a beautiful and clam Pokhara! This is a highly recommended destination to anyone visiting Nepal. There is a charming lake sourrounded by the Himalayan mountains, as well as many facilities for tourists (sometimes is actually nice to sit down in a nice and relaxing terrace to have a fresh western beer while listening to life music!).

 The old bazaar. This is a common image in both Indian and Nepalese markets. These colours powder are used between the eye browns (as kind of a Bindi) when entering a Hindu temple, or by any married women. Women have to wear a stripe of this colour on top of their forehead from the day they marry, instead of wearing a ring as we do in the West!.

Amazing experience!
While on our road trip with the motorbike, we saw a Buddhist Monastery and we decided to visit it. I asked a monk if we could have a quick look into the classes and he kindly agreed. As you can see here is a class with 7-8 years old doing some maths. I will write down the name of the place soon!. They are mainly orphans or sons of big families with low resources but their smiles and kindness can not be compared!

     This boy (sorry but his name was way to complicated for me to remember Tzanam... ) was super proud as he had 10/10 in his maths exercise!. Ah! and if you look on the table, he has some rolled paper... well, it is actually a poster of a famous Indian girl, he was very naughty!! :) .. - Look Miss, is a girl :)!!

  Here is a picture in the Tibetan refugee village, near Devi's fall. Nice little town :)

Panoramic view of Pokhara lake with some fisherman and the tranquility of its waters. 5 minutes later guess what happened... Yes! it started to rain... Again!

This is a very special picture. They guy is holding a couple of rings, hand made in Nepalese... You will be able to see them when we are back!
 Cooking rice and boiled eggs in our brand new mini boiler in the hotel room! Yummy!!

Anyone up for trying this lovely fresh looking toothpaste?? :\ We deliver special orders and affordable friendly prices!
Next stop....
Kathmandu, Nepal.
View from the Monkey temple, the city and a peace pagoda, panoramic.(by Edu.)

Pagoda from Buddagaya,beautiful and huge! Will update more details about it some other time...
Wool!!!!! After getting ripped of for a small bunch of hemp wool in touristic Pokhara we found this paradise of sheep wool in Khatmandu. We bought a MASSIVE bunch of the red, black and yellow one for about a pound.
So mum! thanks again for teaching me basic netting skills, it's a great pass times while waiting (something we do a lot around here!) :)
 The eyes of Buddha.
Every place has its goods and its worsts right? 
The city of smells....

We have been told that there is some kind of strike going on and therefore the city is somehow full of rubbish everywhere!! Not only is awful for the view but if you add the 30-35 degrees average temperature you get a very smelly combination ...all together!

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