sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

Karma o ¿suerte?

Chitwan National Park
1st stop, catch the jeep, and went for as canoe trip through the calm waters of the river. The peace and tranquility of the ride was a superplus! :) Though we didn;t see any crocodiles, we got to see a Rhino! (apparently another sign of good luck)
Well, I guess I'll have to stop talking about good luck, as according to the Tibetan book of Life and Death, luck as such doesn't exist, is all about the Karma you accumulate that will result in good ir bad things happening to you so, from now on, Good and bad Karma!. 

Good Karma Rhino (one)

Our beloved elephant :) We went for a 2 hour ride in this  fantastic mini dionosaur!! Crossing the jungle while spotting more Rhinos, Deers, Caws and other wild animals. Amazing experience :)
Crossing a lake, view from the top! And if the elephant missbehave, the driver will hit her with that wooden stick.. but she was such a good girl she even picked up some glassess that a guy dropped from the floor. Impressive!

So we guess this is Triple Karma for a day :) The baby rhino is just a month old...
Bike ride in Pokara. We managed to rent this super cool looking bike (thouhgh with no horn and a bit falling apart) for 2.80 ponds a day!. Nice deal :)
Energizing by the river (of Babilon...) Beautiful spot, beautiful model :)
Our only glimpse of the Himalayas.... Now we can say we've seen them!!

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  1. Silvia,Hello again, como estás con lo de la gripe?Espero que no haya sido muy grave y pronto estés recuperada para seguir con ese maravilloso viaje,son una pasada las fotos y vídeos. Enjoy a lot. Besos para los dos


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